How to Increase the Conversion Rate for Your Shopify Products?

We all want higher traffic, engagement, and clicks on our websites, however, what we want doesn’t happen all the time. Have you ever thought about why certain websites are high on search engine ranking almost all the time? Or why do certain websites have seen an increase in conversion rates? Well if you have not then we are here to tell you how you can increase conversion rates for your Shopify products easily.

The goal of any SEO is to increase click-through rates and conversion rates to elevate the position on the search rankings. But before diving straight into the topic let me give you a little bit of knowledge on CTR and the difference between both conversion rates and click-through rates.

What is the difference between CTR, Impressions, and Conversion rate?

CTR, Impressions, and Conversion rates are not similar, conversion rate is the ultimate goal (especially in paid advertising) and final step in pay per click process. CTR only tells you the percentage of internet users who clicked your ad or hyperlink. 

It is not necessary that if you have got ‘x’ number of views in your ad then the same percentage will also click on it. That’s the difference between impression v/s click-through rate. Impressions are the views your ad gets from internet users, however, click-through is the difference between clicks and impressions (as discussed above).

However, the term “conversion” in digital marketing means when visitors take an action or complete the desired goal that is defined as valuable for your business. It can be anything from purchasing a product, subscribing to the website to book an appointment, or downloading media files. 

Further, the “conversion rate” term in simple words means a total number of purchases divided by the number of visitors or sessions they take to purchase a product. E.g. if your website has seen 100 sales and 500 visitors then the conversion rate will be 

100 ÷ 500 (x100) = 20%

What is Click-Through Rate (CTR)?

Click-through rate (CTR) is a metric (expressed in %) that measures the number of times an ad, email, or any organic search result is clicked vs the total views your ad received. Your products or website can have “high CTR” or “low CTR.” 

The click-through rate is a ratio between total clicks on your ads and the total number of impressions. In other words, divide the total number of clicks by the total number of impressions and multiply it by 100. For example, your Shopify products ad received 1500 impressions and 20 clicks then, you will get;

20÷ 1500 x 100 = 1.3% CTR

How to increase the conversion rate for your Shopify products?

Before going further into the points to increase conversion rate for your Shopify store. Let’s see what is a good Shopify conversion rate? 

As per the Littledata survey (November 2021), they found that the average Shopify conversion rate is 1.6%, however, a good Shopify conversion rate can be anything more than 3.5%. It will put you in the best 20% of Shopify stores they benchmark for conversion rate.

1. Build Trust with social proof

When visitors click on your site, they might increase click-through rate for your webpage but not necessarily your conversion rate. To increase conversion rates of Shopify products, it is important to build “trust.” Almost 95% of shoppers read reviews before purchasing, providing a seller’s profile might not be necessary for many (though it should also be added as a sign of trust), but testimonials and reviews are the primary focus of all visitors.  Other than that, prominently displaying guaranteed badges (keep in mind to take permission for displaying it), and mentioning important characteristics of a product in the description is another way of social proof. 

2. Optimize Checkout Process

You see, that your customers have finally decided to buy a product/s and they are at the last stage i.e, the checkout process. However, they leave it half a process because they found the checkout process to be unoptimized and complicated. There go your customers and higher conversion rates. Though building trust is an essential aspect to be focused on, it is also necessary to optimize your website pages and navigation. You can optimize the checkout process by reducing the steps, or adding progress bars, adding various payment options (which play a major role for customers to decide whether to buy products from that particular e-commerce site). 

3. Call to Action

In all the glamorous ways to optimize the Shopify products page, don’t forget to accidentally drown out the important aspect, that can only increase Shopify conversion rate. Yes, we are talking about “Call To Action”, don’t forget to mention in simple and clear words “Add to Cart”, “Add Wishlist” or anything that can directly lead to where you want them to be. The call to action should be specific (don’t be creative or clever here) and highlighted so that visitors’ eye doesn’t wander off. 

4. Improve user experience by using high-quality media

We all love watching videos and GIFs to understand and get a clear-cut idea about the products. It is one of the important elements of the Shopify store, the quality of the product page.  Using high-quality images and videos will increase conversion rate chances also increase click-through rate. Customers are likely to buy products if they get a beautiful representation of the same. A first impression is everything when you want to gain a person’s trust, that starts with grabbing their eye towards the branding & products’ images/videos. 

5. Remarketing to Target Specific Customers

Remarketing is a good way to invite your customers who had left your website halfway through. In remarketing you show visitors the exact product while they browsing the internet. However, to retarget you’ll have to collect cookies, cookies to track the page users visiting your website. If they leave your website, the ad platform through cookies will get to know and they will retarget visitors by displaying products or related products. Remarketing is a great way to increase conversion because customers who see retargeted ads are likely to convert to your website.

There are many other ways you can learn to increase conversion rate, however, these are the top 5 points that you must know.

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In the article, we talked about click-through rate and conversion rate along with how to increase conversion rate for your Shopify stores. These might be a few steps that are previously tested and approved upon, however, you can also optimize Shopify product pages by conducting user research and based on the solid hypothesis, improving your website pages. Another way can be, A/B testing, which allows variations of the same webpage to different segment visitors and compare which drives more conversions and therefore, increase conversion rate.