How to Easily Edit & Crop Images in Shopify?

How many of you visit a website or click on certain products and think of purchasing them just because of how good it looks in the pictures? Though you have this subconscious idea of the image not being a replica of what the real product actually will be. You still tend to click on that product (also, purchase it based on the reviews of the products). Anyway, the idea here is that visitors most of the time click on the website (e-commerce especially) just because of the attractive products’ images.

Therefore, optimizing images also includes clicking products in a good light and editing it to their best. With edited and high-quality images your Shopify SEO ranking will improve. Besides, there are chances of an increase in click-through rate and conversion rate as well.

In this tutorial guide, we are going to explain to you how you can edit and crop images in Shopify with the help of the Image editor app – Image Doctor by ExpressTech.  

To edit and crop images in Shopify, go to Image Doctor – Image editor app

If you have already installed the app then go to > Log in

However, if you are new to Shopify then click on the “Add app,” log in to your Shopify store and install the app.

When you are done, go to Apps > Image Doctor and it will lead you to its main page. 

Now, to edit product images, choose the product and click on the “Edit” option below the product image. It will open up a dialogue box from where you can edit and crop images. 

To crop images, select the “Crop” option and crop your image as you like. This can be your alternative option for image compression.

The next option is the “Flip” button, select this option present below the crop option if you want to flip your image vertically or horizontally. 

Then to rotate images, go to the “Rotate” option and set the range as per your requirement. 

Further, it has a “Draw” option, with the help of which you can draw anything in the picture. In it, you can select the range i.e, a specific area under which you can draw. 

The app also consists of the “Shape” and “Icon” options, which you can use to further edit product images. 

Then you get the “Text” option, where you can add text to the image and also control its size and format. The app also has one interesting feature i.e, “Mask Filter,” you can now easily add a mask layer to your image and click on the “Apply” button. 

Now, the last option in the Image Doctor app is to “Add Filters.” Select the filters option and you will see a dialogue box, from where you can sharpen the image add filters. Increase brightness, noise and you can also remove background by selecting the option “Remove White.” 

This was all about How to Edit and Crop in Shopify in the Image Doctor app. Isn’t it easy and simple? Go try it for yourself, click on the below button, and add the app to your Shopify store.

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